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Pure Sea Glass
Pure Sea Glass

Pure Sea Glass: Discovering Nature’s Vanishing Gems (Chesapeake Sea Glass Publishing. $34.95) is a must read for all those people who spend time on the beaches of the world.  Richard LaMotte has packed this book with information on finding and identifying those jewels we all look for, bits of glass aged and enhanced by years beneath the sea or caught in the tides that wash our coasts. Over 200 elegant images by fine-art photographer Celia Pearson complement this comprehensive guide.

After reading chapter two, “Locating Sea Glass,” I put the book down and took a walk on the beach.  There I was rewarded with a beautiful, triangular shaped piece of well aged green glass nestled among the gravel. By chapter five, entitled "Colors," I was hooked.  Soon I was out rummaging through the garage, gathering up all the pieces of glass I have found during my two years living on the Oregon Coast.  I laid them out on the table and began searching through Celia Pearson's exquisite photographs, sorting by color, doing my best to identify and date these little gifts from the sea.

Pieces of Amethyst Sea Glass. Photo copyright 2004 Celia Pearson. What I had approached as a quick read to write a book review turned into an all night adventure.  The chapters on "The History of Glass" and "Bottles and Containers" gave me an insight into what drives people to collect old bottles and dinnerware.  Never having been one to pass up an opportunity to rummage through antique shops and garage sales I will now have a far better understanding of what I am looking at and looking for.

As Richard LaMotte points out, by studying the bottles and tableware found at many of the fine glass museums around the United States and at glass shows, you will be able to more closely date and identify the shards you find.  The book includes an extensive list of glass museums by state. LaMotte also has listed several pages of web sites devoted to the glass collectors.

Pure Sea Glass can be purchased in Oregon at The Sea Rose Gift Shop and Gallery in Yachats or ordered from The Nautical Wheeler in Waldport. 
Copyright © August 1, 2004 by Sue Andrews

For ordering information, log on to www.pureseaglass.com or www.chesapeakeseaglass.com.

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